Faith Guitars - Eclipse Venus Concert Kit

Sleek electro-acoustic guitar, well suited for live performances.

Raimundo Guitars 660E Pro-Blend Kit

Cutaway electro acoustic

Shruti Box Co Uk M1 Shruti Box Low G Kit

Portable instrument for a drone sound

Sound For Health Jew’s Harps Kit

Varied toned harps from across the world

Yamaha APX-4A Kit

Performance-level acoustic-electric

Hohner AirBoard Kit

An updated version of the Melodica, with a flexible mouthpiece.

Godin Multiac Nylon SA Kit

Acoustic electric with synth access

D’Addario Phosphor Bronze Strings Kit

Warm, clear and well-balanced acoustic tone.

SWR Amps Strawberry Blonde Kit

Versatile acoustic amp

Martin Guitars D-15 Kit

Mahogany acoustic with bright treble tone

Freshman Guitars FA 500D Kit

High end dreadnought acoustic

Taylor Guitars T5 Hollowbody Kit

Acoustic and electric features, huge range of sounds

Yamaha CPX 500 Guitar Kit

Slightly smaller electro-acoustic guitar.

Rotosound Jumbo King Kit

Acoustic guitar strings with warmth, clarity and sustain.

Tanglewood Sundance TW47 Kit

Professional compact electro-acoustic