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Abbey Road Red launch Blog

New music tech incubator with red hot innovation

Emika - Kickstarter #HowtoMakeASymphony Band

Electronic artist’s groundbreaking project

The Membranes Band

Epic Dark Matter/Dark Energy album

Seaboard Rise - new instrument and MIDI controller Blog

Groundbreaking sound sculpting and wireless

Muse secret show @ The Electric Ballroom Blog

Muse thrill with adrenaline onslaught

Gazelle Twin Band

Ground-breaking electronic artist/composer/producer

Deux Furieuses Band

New single from blistering guitar and drums duo

Dismaland, Savages, Sleaford Mods - review Blog

Searing sounds and new beginnings

Shilpa Ray Band

New album from Nick Cave favourite

You The Living Band

Debut album - dark electronic post-punk

Nova Twins Band

Urban Punk band kicking up a storm

Music Tech Fest Scandi - Day 1 Blog

New formats, performance, and stunning music tech

Music Tech Fest Scandi - Day 2 Blog

Laser synth, Ninja Jamm genius, music formats and more

Music Tech Fest Scandi - Day 3 Blog

Hacking, awards, synaesthesia and cocktails