Artists Guide to SXSW Skool

School of Music Business founder, and Waylayers, share tips

The Pearl Harts Band

Rock duo with killer riffs

Pitch Black Band

Stunning new album from New Zealand dub/electronica duo

NAMM 2017 - SESH APP Blog

Portrait XO interviews Roxertronica about music production marketplace app

Deux Furieuses Band

Stunning debut album from blistering guitar and drums duo

New ROLI Blocks Blog

Amazing modular music-making

Tara Pattenden tour diary Blog

Experimental electronics in Denmark

IK Multimedia iRig Mic Studio Kit

Compact professional USB condenser mic

Test Dept:Redux at Amersham Arms, London Blog

“We need more of Test Dept right now in our world ”

Nova Twins Band

Urban Punk band kicking up a storm


In-depth look at making her dazzling debut album

Kite Base Band

Spellbinding electronics/bass duo

The Membranes Band

Epic Dark Matter/Dark Energy album