Hot bands, cool kit, monstrously simple. Music-makers show and tell how they get their sound – the gear they use and what they do with it. Interviews, tips and how-to’s, plus the latest from kit-makers.

Modular Synth - Part 1 Blog

Ilia Rogatchevski starts making his synth

Sleaford Mods Band

Explosive words and beats - interview

Femme Band

Avant-pop powerhouse

Wanted Blog

Find band members / a band to join / rehearsal studio

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Kit

NEW - Mini synth in three flavours

The Ting Tings Band

The making of their new disco-tastic album

Clinker Band

New psychedelia album with hand-built waterphone

Playing Poland - Jordan Reyne Blog

Tips on making the most of it

Deux Furieuses Band

Blistering guitar and drums duo

Waylayers Band

Passionate pop - and DIY sounds

Johnny Foreigner Band

Indie rockers talk kit