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Phantom Chips Band

Experimental electronics

New School of Music Business Blog

Short courses from industry leaders, grants, and special offer

Arrows Down Band

Electronica and acoustic sounds

The Woodentops Band

Indie dance innovators’ Rolo McGinty on writing and kit

Kite Base Band

Spellbinding electronics/bass duo

ESKA - Mercury nominee Band

In-depth look at making her dazzling album

NOISE - new app from ROLI Blog

Exciting ‘expressive instrument’ app

The Membranes Band

Epic Dark Matter/Dark Energy album

Matt Black - Coldcut Band

Ninja Tune legend on kit past, present & future - Ninja Jamm!

Lea Lea Band

High-octane anarchic anthems

You The Living Band

Debut album - dark electronic post-punk

Terminal Gods Band

Machine beat rock and roll

Adventures with a 3-string - Vulpestruments style Blog

Recycled materials and high tech hacking

Nova Twins Band

Urban Punk band kicking up a storm