Pearl VBA Artisan II Kit

Limited edition Pearl Birch with special finishes

KD Custom Drums Kit

Bespoke drums hand-made in Manchester and loved by leading bands

Pearl Masters Premium Kit

High-end special order drum series with superior tone.

Premier APK 3000 Kit

Performance level birch ply set

Pearl Jupiter Snare Kit

Vintage snare with internal dampener

DW Collector’s Series Brass Snare 14 X 5.5 Kit

Heavy shell for fatness and good crack

Premier Spirit of Maiden Drumset Kit

Affordable signature drumset

Pearl Brass Piccolo Snare Kit

Crisp brilliant attack

Remo Coated Ambassador Heads Kit

Medium weight with warm bright sound

Saul Eisenberg Tank Drums Kit

Tuned tank drums with unusual harmonics

Paiste 13” Hi-Hat 2002 Series Kit

A lively hat with a sharp, pronounced sound and a medium volume.

Roland TD-8 Kit

Compact V-drums for stage and studio

Yamaha Oak Custom Drums Kit

Hardwood drums with superior tonal quality and a huge bass sound.

Paiste 20” Ride 2002 Series Kit

A medium heavy ride with a balanced and lively sound.

Gretsch Renown Maple Drum Kit Kit

Warm Gretsch tone with modern attack

Paiste 20” Crash 2002 Series Kit

A medium volume crash with a washy stick sound and a medium sustain.

Tama Imperialstar Kit

Poplar shells for warm full tone

Premier Resonator Kit

Vintage double shelled drums

Overtone Labs Tune-Bot Kit

Compact drum tuning machine

Arturia Spark Dubstep Kit

Virtual drum machine

Pearl DX Professional Kit

Vintage session kit

Roland TD-4KP V-Drums Kit

Gig-ready fold up kit

Roland TD-20KX Kit

Expressive V-Drums designed for stage

Roland PD-85 V-Pad Kit

Dual-triggering technology

Tama Starclassic Drums Kit

High-end drum series

Premier British Collection XC Series Kit

Sensitive snare good for recording and live

Pearl EXR Kit

Super-styled version of classic Pearl Export kit

Remo Pinstripe Heads Kit

Quick decay and low pitched sound

Pearl SSC Session Studio Classic Kit

Blended Birch and Kapur. Session sound of strong attack and projection. High gloss lacquer finish.

The Dube Kit

Stylish cube percussion instrument