Xmas Wish List 2014

Bands and artists we’ve interviewed, from Sleaford Mods and Martyn Ware through to newcomers Deux Furieuses and dressmaker, tell us what they want under the Christmas tree - from things practical to spiritual.

Sleaford Mods - Jason Williamson

I’d like a new coat. High fashion cat walk bollocks, fitted and modest.


Check out our Sleaford Mods interview, and more Sleafords pics from their gig at The 100 Club.

Sleaford Mods Pic: Terry Tyldesley

She Makes War - Laura Kidd

I want an Avalon VT737 preamp and a few duvets so I can turn my house in to a vocal booth - I’m recording my new album vocals at home over New Year. I also want - no, need - an upright piano. I’ll be scouring Gumtree for one soon.


She Makes War has a Pledge Music campaign running, for her next album Direction Of Travel. Check out our interview with her, and her looping demo.

She Makes War Pic: Terry Tyldesley

The Ting Tings - Katie and Jules

Katie: New simple to use keys & synths. Turn ‘em on and wallop… That’s what great about apps these days, immediate compressions and vibe.
Jules: Better loop and USB facilities that don’t crash or freeze and NO MORE LATENCY on anything digital.
Katie: Oh and clothes!


Here’s our interview about their new album Super Critical.

The Ting Tings

Martyn Ware - Heaven 17, B.E.F., ex The Human League

For Christmas I want the entire Korg Little Bits collection, and also I want to go back to the Atacama desert with my family to see the magnificence of the cosmos.

Martyn Ware Pic: Terry Tyldesley

Malina Moye

Fender 1966 Super Reverb - World’s Cleanest Amp,
1965 original Fender Strat Candy Apple Red (left handed)

Malina Moye Pic: Issiah Hayes

Saint Agnes - Kitty, Jon, Ben, Matt

Kitty Austen

I want a 1950’s Gretsch Silver Jet, I played one recently and fell in love with it.

Jon Tufnell

I’m hankering for a whole set up for my harmonica. A Shure Green Bullet Mic, a pedalboard with an Electro Harmonix Memory Man and maybe a Dunlop Rotovibe going into a Fender Bassman. At the moment I just play harmonica through my vocal mic, but after some studio experimentation I think there’s room to get a bit more getting a bit more out of the humble mouth organ. Oh and a chrome slide that actually fits my fingers. They are always too big or too small, I need that Goldielocks slide.

Ben Chernett (Bass)

One of the new Fender Coronado basses cos they are fit as fuck.

Matt Devine (drums)

I’d like a Gretsch Broadkaster Maple kit with a 24” kick drum and twin floor toms, they’ve just re-released them based on the original design from the 30s. Classic looks, amazing vintage tone. I’d take a set of Meinl Byzance extra dry cymbals too. I love dark and trashy sounds!

Saint Agnes Pic: Terry Tyldesley

Whales In Cubicles

Whales in Cubicles - Stef

A Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier and a Fender 65 Twin Reverb Guitar Amp Combo, run out of my splitter pedal so as to have two amps at once, the dream…….

Whales In Cubicles Pic: Terry Tyldesley

Deux Furieuses - Ros and Vas

Our Christmas wish is for 3D clones of ourselves so we can go out on tour AND stay at home and write. “Make more me-s!”

Our own recording studio in the country is an ultimate wish but failing that a Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad and a 40” gong would do nicely this Christmas.

Deux Furieuses Pic: Terry Tyldesley


We’d love a smoke machine that doesn’t require a manual operation! And our own rig of even more strobe lights!

dressmaker Pic: Terry Tyldesley