Malina Moye

Marco Van Rooijen

Malina Moye is a musical phenomenon - a singer, writer and guitarist who’s been compared to Jimi Hendrix. She mixes Funk, Rock and Soul and makes regular appearances in the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop charts. The guitar goddess and her record label WCE Records have just signed a deal with BDG/Sony Red. She’s currently on a European Tour. Malina’s new single K-Yotic features Bootsy Collins and she has a new album coming out called Rock ‘N Roll Baby. Malina told us all about her exciting sound.

Lorain, Ohio, USA
WCE Records

Scorching licks

Being compared to Jimi Hendrix by a leading guitar mag is a lot to live up to, but if you see Malina Moye play you get it immediately. Scorching guitar licks with an elegant seemingly-effortless style are her trademark, winning her endless fans and propelling her up the US charts.

Malina was a show-stopper at NAMM, where she was performing on her one-of-a-kind custom Fender Stratocaster, and showing off her skills through the new AmpKit Mac.

Dubbed a modern-day renaissance woman, she was the first African-American woman to play the National Anthem on guitar at a major sporting event, has performed at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and owns her own successful record label WCE records. Malina’s on the writing team for Sony, and has toured with her own band with Robin Thicke, Boys ll Men and legendary rock group Journey and performed on the critically acclaimed 2012 Experience Hendrix tour. She also finds time to be an ambassador for HRH Prince Charles’ Prince’s Trust.

Malina’s next album Rock ‘N Roll Baby is about to drop, featuring her breathtaking powerful sound.

My new album is Led Zeppelin meets Sly and the Family Stone, it blurs the lines of soul, funk, rock and blues. It features Rhonda Smith on bass, who’s amazing, and a lot of other great musicians.

Marco Van Rooijen

Music’s always been a family affair - her mum sang backing vocals for Tina Turner. Malina was given her first guitar at the age of six, started making music at the age of nine and by 12 was the lead singer in the family R&B group Les Moye Ice, playing loads of gigs. She still regularly plays with her bassist father, George Moye, including at The NAMM Show.

It’s great to be playing with my dad, we’ve played together so much over the years.

Her guitar turns heads and has been made to measure - her unusual playing style started early on, when as a left-hander she was working out the best way to play, and she is now endorsed by Fender.

When Dad gave me my first guitar I flipped it upside down and I strung it upside down. As I got older, I realised I could have had a left hander, but I play backwards and my brain is trained that way.

I love my Strat - Fender put together a special one for me. It is a left-handed Strat body with a right-hand headstock, and the strings are on backwards!

We saw Malina play at NAMM using the new AmpKit Mac - a desktop version of the exciting app from Agile Partners. She was getting a huge sound out of it, and says it’s really versatile. She later showed us how she stacks up the effects and can adjust every last detail.

I use the delay and compressor and I like to give it more drive when I’m recording. I adjust the gain, give it more on the head and use an American 1 X 12 cab. You can even position the mic and add more bass.

I also like using the British amp sounds that they have on there.

Malina is also a fan of the Fender Hot Rod DeVille amp and has made a video of her putting it through its paces at her friend leading musician and producer Dave Stewart’s studio.

I like the classic Fender sound. It’s warm, clean, beautiful, the best.

Malina has got some special pickups in her guitar.

I have DiMarzio pickups - the True Velvet Neck, and Virtual Vintage Blues, which really work for my sound. What I love about DiMarzio pickups is that they’re there to help me express my voice. When I need to scream, they scream. When I need richness, they’re bold.

I use Dean Markley strings and I mix them up - 8s and 9s usually, sometimes 10s too.

We love her blistering rock version of the National Anthem - check it out!