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Scorching bands at Clit Rock 3

Clit Rock organisers always pull together some of the best rising female rock talent in the UK for their fundraisers, and the third in their series was a scorcher, featuring Deux Furieuses, Dana Jade and The Pearl Harts.

Deux Furieuses at The Water Rats

Deux Furieuses’ huge visceral rock sound pins you to the wall. Their thrilling residency at The Water Rats in London has seen them dubbed “The half way point between PJ Harvey and the White Stripes”, and founding member of PJ Harvey, producer and drummer Rob Ellis, was checking them out at their most recent gig. The next Deux Furieuses show is on 2nd May.

Deux Furieuses, Mourning Birds, Dana Jade @ Alleycat

With three bands fast carving out a name for their blistering rock, Rocklands TV put together an amazing bill at Alleycat in London’s Denmark Street. Deux Furieuses, Mourning Birds and Dana Jade made for an incredible evening.

Xmas Wish List 2016

What do these amazing artists want under the tree?

Top Ten Gigs of 2014

The live music scene is in spectacular health, especially at grass roots level - and our team went to some stonkingly good shows in 2014. We saw plenty of newer bands who are more than ready to headline music festivals, and should be doing great things in 2015. Here are our favourites.

Xmas Wish List 2014

Bands and artists we’ve interviewed, from Sleaford Mods and Martyn Ware through to newcomers Deux Furieuses and dressmaker, tell us what they want under the Christmas tree - from things practical to spiritual.