Hartke LH1000 Kit

A powerful blend of tube and solid-state circuitry.

Marshall Vintage Modern 2266c Kit

50 Watt amp with a mix of classic and hard rock tones.

Ashdown Mag300H Kit

Bass amp head with new features

Ampeg SVT II Pro Kit

Legendary tone and power with some modern improvements.

Ashdown ABM 500 Kit

Bass head 575w with classic and high tech features

Orange Micro Terror Kit

Latest and smallest Terror with MP3 input and cabinet out. What’s in your lunchbox then?

Marshall JCM 800 Kit

All-valve 100w head, classic roar

Hartke HA5500c Kit

Power, tube or solid-state preamps, and accurate tonal shaping make this a very flexible bass amp head.

Fender Blues Junior Kit

Compact all-valve 15w amp

Marshall JVM 410 Kit

From Marshall’s most comprehensive range of amplifiers. Highly versatile.

Chandler Limited REDD.47 Pre Amp Kit

New version of legendary pre amp used on Beatles records

Vox Lil’ Night Train Kit

A smaller version of the popular amp head. Don’t be deceived though, this train will still run away with you.

Yamaha THR Amp Kit

Home practice, twin-speaker, portable lunchbox super-amp.

Ampeg B4R Kit

A solid-state 1000 watt beast of a bass head. Loud and proud.

Laney Linebacker KB120 Kit

Good gigging 120w amp

Marshall 1936 Cabinet Kit

Compact 150W Cabinet with 2 X 12 speakers

Fender ‘57 Deluxe Combo Amp Kit

Warm-toned reissue of classic valve amp

Vox VT20 Plus Kit

A Tube-driven Solid State modeling amp, capable of many classic and modern tones, with loads of effects.

Marshall 1960AV Cab Kit

Warm-toned 4 X 12 power with switching options

Laney Nexus NX810 Bass Speaker Cabinet Kit

With 8 X 10 Celestion Neodymium Speakers

Laney VH100R Kit

Versatile 100w amp head

Traynor YBA1A Kit

A vintage 90 Watt bass amp, also good for guitar

Ashdown ABM C210H-500 EVO III Kit

A versatile and powerful combo bass amplifier.

Fender Hot Rod DeVille Amp Kit

The 60 watt big sister of the Hot Rod Deluxe. Incredibly loud: handle with care.

Marshall JCM 900 Kit

An expanded JCM 800, with two channels for added ease of use.

Ampeg SVT II Kit

A great combination of sound, volume and reliability. Gives a big rock bass sound.

Laney TI100 Tony Iommi Signature Amp Kit

Signature Tony Iommi amp head, specifically designed for hi-gain guitar.

SWR Amps Strawberry Blonde Kit

Versatile acoustic amp

Fender Excelsior Amp Kit

Distinctive compact tube combo amp

Carlsbro Hornet 45 Keyboard Amp Kit

Combo with built-in reverb

Agile Partners AmpKit+, AmpKit Mac, AmpKit Kit

One-stop app for guitar amps, effects and recording

Laney GH50L Kit

50 watt amp head with big variety of tones

Ampeg SVT Classic Kit

Powerful all-tube bass amp delivering a thunderous 300 watts

Peavey Classic 30 Kit

Powerful compact tube amp

Trace Elliot 715X Combo Kit

A versatile 600W bass combo amp

Fender Twin Reverb Silverface Kit

All tube vintage 100w amp

Laney Ironheart Kit

Powerful stage amp with extra features

Peavey Classic 50 Kit

A gritty yet versatile amp, suited for rock and blues.

Ashdown ABM810 Kit

Tough 8 X 10 bass cabinet

Ashdown MAG-C210T 300 EVO II Combo Kit

A powerful 300 watt bass amp.

Laney Nexus Tube Bass Valve Amp Head Kit

Bass head with 400 Watts of power

Ampeg GVT Kit

A modern take on a classic family of tube amps.

Marshall JCM 2000 50w DSL Kit

50 Watt, all valve amplifier.

Vox AC15 Kit

The all-tube younger brother of a world-famous classic amp.

Fender Deluxe Reverb ‘65 Reissue Kit

A 22 Watt, all-tube amp. A reissue of a classic.

Fender Blues Deluxe Amp Kit

A Vintage style 40 watt tube combo amp for that classic tube tone.

Vox AC30 Kit

An instantly recognizable, classic amp

Ampeg Gemini 22 Kit

A loud guitar amp from the early 70’s. Famed for ageing well. Good with pedal chains.

Orange DIVO VT 1000 Kit

Sleek and simple valve tester

Warwick X-Treme 5.1 Bass Amp Kit

Powerful 500w head designed for pro use

HH Electronics Queensberry 825 Amp Kit

Multi-instrument combo amp

Roland Jazz Chorus 160 Amp Kit

Legendary amp loved for clean tone

Line 6 DT25 Amps Kit

Endlessly flexible tube amplifier, with four unique voicings.

Marshall JMP-1 Kit

Rack mount guitar preamp

Ashdown 300w Classic Tube Magnifier Kit

A modern take on classic tube heads of the past.

Fender Stage 185 Kit

Vintage powerful solid state amp

Peavey 6505+ Kit

Powerful amp head

Fender Bassman Kit

45 Watts of all-tube power originally intended for bassists, now popular with guitarists.

Fender Twin Amp Kit

Powerful but clean amp with two 12 inch speakers, with Twin Reverb models too

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amp Kit

A Hot-rodded 40 watt Blues amp, that gives you three channels of great clean and distorted tone, all in a neat combo body.

Marshall JCM 900 Lead 1960 Cab Kit

Metal and Rock classic 4 X 12

Ampeg SVT-450 Kit

Powerful but affordable 450w bass head