Hot Bands in the North

Dom Smith runs the ace alternative culture magazine Soundsphere, based in Yorskhire. Soundsphere spotlights local and international musicians, and has launched its own free app. Dom is an evangelist for local talent, and has picked some of his favourite northern bands for us. There’s some amazing music here and we’re listening closely to his every word!

Dom founded Soundsphere which appears in print and online, and he also helps train people in media as well as running other training projects including mentoring disabled entrepreneurs. A human dynamo, he made The Independent’s Happy List of “100 inspiring people who have selflessly enriched the lives of others in the past year,” and last year received the National Diversity Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence for Disability.

So how would Dom sum up the music scene in his area?

There’s a great metal scene in York and a great Indie one in Hull, one of the best, as well as brilliant venues like Fruit and Adelphi in Hull, and Fibbers and The Duchess in York. Our remit is to be a catapult for all the sounds.


This band craft great songs that are both emotive and hard-hitting - some really stunning stuff. Like Nine Inch Nails or Depeche Mode…from Leeds. (Officers)

Battle Lines

I’ve got a lot of time for this band, there’s this sweet and seductive element to their electro-tinged indie rock that I freakin’ adore. Soaring vocals, progressive drumming and decadent synths work really well together on their material and trigger my love for good crossover and electro-rock material. Brilliant! (Battle Lines formerly Alvin Purple).

Mark Wynn

Top acoustic talent with a fantastic wit and infectious enthusiasm. Get behind this lad now, because he’s really going to break out soon (plugs on 6 Music and other reputable outlets [aside from Soundsphere magazine, of course] say so). Really intelligent, well crafted material that will grab you in some way, whatever you’re into! (Mark Wynn)

Fawn Spots

Oh, man! The energy that this band has is fantastic. They do this whole scuzzy and raw garage thing, and it really works. It’s great to see them going international nowadays. Thoroughly deserved. (Fawn Spots)

Eureka Machines

Hardest working band in Yorkshire? Probably. Chris Catalyst (of Sisters of Mercy and Ginger Wildheart band fame) started this band years ago and they’ve been playing shows relentlessly and putting out top quality upbeat and proper powerpop. DIY bands, do it this way! (Eureka Machines)

Late Night Fiction

Man, there was a time recently where I thought this lot might have died (ahh, the importance of updating your Facebook page in these modern times), but I am happy to report that they have not! Brilliant post-hardcore stuff - this lot are a great representation of what Hull’s (and indeed the wider Yorkshire area’s) music scene is about - they put in the hard work, they play great songs that motivate people, and they realise how important it is to tour and get about. LNF, the poster boys for ‘Ull. Yes lads. (Late Night Fiction)

  • We’ll be bringing you more of Dom’s tips soon.