What’s Next Musicians’ Conference - Line 6, Topspin, Kitmonsters & more

There’s an exciting musicians’ conference coming up in London on 6th July, and you can get free tickets. The What’s Next Musicians’ Conference is a worldwide series of events organised by Line 6, Topspin Media and industry leaders, to talk about cutting edge tech and ideas, and give tips and info to musicians. Kitmonsters is hosting a session at the London event called ‘Promote Yourself’, with music industry experts giving advice on promotion and social media.


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What’s Next Musicians’ Conference

Line 6 are inviting musicians to come along and explore the ideas, trends and technologies that are a feature of music today. There will be panel discussions with industry experts, live artist performances, workshops, music technology demos and more. Line 6 say the idea is for WHAT’S NEXT to empower musicians to take control of their future - and chart their own path to success.

WHAT’S NEXT wants everyone to join the conversation, so all Musicians Conference events are free of charge. The London event is at the world renowned Music Bank Rehearsal Studios in SE16, used by the likes of Jimmy Page, Noel Gallagher and Corinne Bailey Rae.

Top Music Industry Panellists

In addition to the wide range of workshops available, there will be an interactive panel discussion designed to help musicians answer important questions, such as: Is live music the future of the industry? What new business models can help musicians earn a living? How will the next generation of musicians be heard?

Acclaimed author, journalist and technology expert Craig Anderton, Line 6 co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Marcus Ryle, Topspin Media’s Stephen O’Reilly, Director of TOPSPIN UK, Jonathan Allen, Abbey Road Studios, entrepreneur and Tunecore co-founder Jeff Price with other special guests, will all participate in the panel discussion.

What’s Next Musicians Conference Sessions

Kitmonsters Session - Promote Yourself

How do you get yourself seen and heard, and navigate the social media maze? When is it time to enlist help, and what do you hand over? Kitmonsters’ panel of industry experts give you tips and answer questions.

Our panel is:

Saint Saviour - singer and songwriter who has also fronted Groove Armada and written for them, working on their Grammy-nominated album ‘Black Light’.

Marv-ill Superlungs - Beatboxing Champion, MC, and the voice behind the smash viral ‘beatboxing bird/unexpected tweet’ ad.

Joe Parry from Division PR, who have a huge range of music clients from stars such as The Stone Roses, to up and coming bands like Tripwires.

Matt Errington from Merrington Music Management, who have a stable of rising talent including Waylayers, Planes, Kites and Sulk.

Live Sound Doesn’t Have to Suck

You’ve worked hard to perfect your sound—don’t leave anything to chance when you perform live. See how to choose the right system for any gig, and dial in a great mix fast.

Direct to fan

An introduction and overview of Topspins Direct to Fan platform. See how some of the world’s leading artists and filmmakers are using d2f to connect with, engage and make real money.

YouTube, Your Money and How to Get It

Looking for new ways to make money? Come discover the different ways you can to leverage YouTube to generate revenue.

Taming the Wild Guitar Rig

Whether you want iconic guitar sounds or prefer to venture into unexplored sonic worlds, learn how to take full advantage of today’s technology to create your own signature tones—live or in the studio.

Connected Creation: Benefit from On-Demand Music Production, Collaboration and Sharing

Learn how on-demand production, collaboration and related technologies impact they way artists work together, connect with fans and help fans connect with each other—and see which artists are on the cutting edge of this movement.

Wireless Without Worries

Wireless technology can be freeing for performers—if you know a few key things. Separate fact from fiction and learn the truth about wireless.

Make Every Gig and Rehearsal a Promotional Opportunity

It’s never been easier to take control of your band’s future. See how to record your rehearsals and gigs, create videos and post them to YouTube to reach your audience.

Don’t Get Screwed: The Six Legal Copyrights That Make You Money

Discover the six copyrights that drive the entire music industry. Learn how your music can and cannot be used, and see how to make money from your music.

How to Love Amp Sims

Unlock the secrets of how to use amp simulators to create incredible guitar sounds for both recording and playing live.

More Info & Tickets

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There will also be a prize draw during the event for all attendees on 6th July, as well as exciting free downloads and giveaways.

Places are limited so make sure you book now, and look out for more news about special guests over the next few weeks.