Guitar Hacker

Guitar Hacker will be a regular contributor to the Kitmonsters site, and offers an insight into the often murky world of guitar maintenance and customisation. As a gigging musician and recording artist who has played with a veritable cacophony of acts, they will be lifting the hood on their (mostly successful) attempts to tweak, tune and tinker with instruments.

By doing this they hope to make the mistakes that others may be able to learn from, and through the process of stabbing wildly in the dark with a soldering iron, may even save people some money. “With any luck these blogs may help one be better able to decide when to get your tools out, and perhaps more wisely, when to consult the pros.

So, read on and we’ll get those scratchplates off faster than you can say “irreparable damage with a hacksaw”.”

Guitar Hacker’s Halloween

For the most part, guitars are very much like people: it is generally agreed that it isn’t a great idea to open them up unless you know what you’re doing. I’m no surgeon, so it is with a growing sense of horror that I find myself sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by the body parts of my beloved. However, it is the aim of this series of blog posts to share my reflections on the murky world of guitar customization and hopefully inspire others to experiment themselves, rather than scare everyone off with cautionary tales of instrument-murder.