Founded in the 1890’s as a piano manufacturer in Japan, Yamaha has grown into a multinational corporation with a wide range of products, including musical instruments, electronics, motorcycles and power sports equipment. Their motorcycle subsidiary came about due to their expertise in metallurgical technologies gained from working with instruments. They are now the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments, including pianos, drums, brass instruments, woodwinds and stringed instruments.

Yamaha FL-10 MII Flanger pedal Kit

Vintage analogue flanger pedal

Yamaha RX5 Drum Machine Kit

Versatile and in-depth drum machine from the eighties.

Yamaha PSS-780 Kit

Vintage feature-packed synth

Yamaha PS-20 Kit

Vintage versatile portable analog synth

Yamaha CP70 Electric Grand Piano. Kit

Electric Grand piano with real hammers and strings, as well as pickups for an amplified output.

Yamaha DX21 Kit

FM synthesizer, incredibly popular during the 1980s.

Yamaha APX-4A Kit

Performance-level acoustic-electric

Yamaha CS-10 Kit

Vintage analog synth big in dance music

Yamaha CS01, CS01 II Kit

Classic vintage synths, suitable for novices and innovators as well.

Yamaha 02R 96 Kit

Powerful digital mixing console

Yamaha PSS-80 Kit

Vintage synth with thin retro sound

Yamaha CPX 500 Guitar Kit

Slightly smaller electro-acoustic guitar.

Yamaha Oak Custom Drums Kit

Hardwood drums with superior tonal quality and a huge bass sound.

Yamaha BB 2024X Bass Kit

An upgraded version of the iconic BB bass

Yamaha SK20 Kit

Rare analog synth noted for its organ sounds

Yamaha Bass Kit

Compact bass with slim neck

Yamaha Attitude LTD 3 Bass Kit

Billy Sheehan’s signature bass, a mix of power and definition.

Yamaha NS 10M Kit

The Yamaha NS-10M studio reference monitor speaker is widely popular amongst audio professionals.

Yamaha THR Amp Kit

Home practice, twin-speaker, portable lunchbox super-amp.

Yamaha Mox 6 Synth Kit

A portable and versatile synth. Great for recording or for live performance.