Natal Drums

Natal Drums grew out of a percussion line developed in 1958 by British percussionist Alan Sharp and is now part of the Marshall Amplification stable. In the 60s Natal Percussion’s revolutionary fibreglass congas were used by bands such as Santana, T. Rex, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Deep Purple and the Rolling Stones. Marshall have developed Natal Drums further - the late Jim Marshall OBE was a drummer and drum teacher - creating a range of drumsets, snares, hardware and percussion. The Stave and Hand Hammered snare drums are built at the Marshall factory in Milton Keynes, England. Artists using Natal include Ian Matthews (Kasabian), Andy Treacey (Faithless), Joy Joseph, Jason Cooper (The Cure), Sudha Kheterpal (Faithless) and Steve Grantley (Stiff Little Fingers, Alicia Keys).