Line 6

Founded in 1996 by Marcus Ryle and Michel Doidic, Line 6 made a name for itself focusing on digital modeling technologies. As the available processing power became more powerful in the late eighties and into the nineties, Line 6 took the leap of making this into products for guitarists. Arguably their most famous line, the POD series of guitar processors, has led a change in the way people perceive guitar modeling. They now provide a range of products, from apps, software, mixers and effects processors to guitars and amplifiers.

Line 6 FM4 Filter Modeler Kit

Sixteen extreme effects in one box

Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler Kit

Versatile delay modeler. Everything from subtle echo to reverse soundscape.

Line 6 DT25 Amps Kit

Endlessly flexible tube amplifier, with four unique voicings.

Line 6 Pod HD 500 Kit

Simulates loads of effects & amps

Line 6 Mobile Keys 25 Kit

A versatile “Tri-Platform” MIDI keyboard, compatible with Apple mobile devices.

Line 6 StageScape Kit

Touch-screen visual mixer