Gordon-Smith Guitars

Gordon-Smith Guitars are handcrafted guitars made in the small town of Partington near Manchester, UK by John Smith, a luthier with a great reputation for his craftsmanship. They are attractive, solidly built, practical, well designed, simple and extremely playable. Yet they are still reasonably priced for working musicians. “We like to make guitars not furniture, our products are like the Zippo lighter, there’s nothing to go wrong, so they don’t”. The company, run by John and his wife Linda, has been established for more than 25 years and is the longest running contemporary guitar company in England. Artsits using the guitars include Mercury Prize-nominated Field Music.

Gordon-Smith Guitars SG 1 Kit

Slim bodied classic style guitar with one humbucker

Gordon-Smith Guitars GS1.5 Kit

A versatile guitar with one single coil and one humbucking pickup