Fender American Deluxe Strat Plus

This radical reinvention of the Stratocaster caused a sensation at NAMM. It’s modifiable using “personality cards” that just snap in easily. You can get a whole new sound without using any solder, as the cards give you pickup and circuitry configurations. The cards are 100% analog and change the tone controls and treble blends using a passive 50 pin connector.

The guitar has a maple fingerboard and neck and comes with three Noiseless N3 Single-Coil Strat pickups, and a modern “C” neck, as well as three cards.

One card delivers standard Stratocaster pickup wiring. There are two extra personality cards included, and more can be bought separately from a range that Fender will expand. The Cutter card gives you treble and bass cut to brighten up the tone, and the Blender gives you neck and bridge blend.

There’s also an American Deluxe Strat Plus HSS version which has two N3 pickups and a humbucking pickup in the bridge that can be split. This one comes with Standard, Cutter and Splitter cards - the Splitter splits the Humbucker into single coils.

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