Ty - album launch

Ty ‘A Work Of Heart’ album launch @ Archspace, London, 12th March 2018

Ty’s been getting a lot of radio attention for his brilliant new album ‘A Work Of Heart’. The jazz-infused hiphop release is both thought-provoking and uplifting, and expectations were running high for the launch show. To exceed them musically was a real result, but to create a new community in just one evening was a complete surprise. We came in as audience and left as family.

Ty - pic Kitmonsters

Well before the show began, Ty was on stage welcoming the crowd, wanting to make sure we had a good time and made new friends. When he started with the band, that good time was guaranteed, with tunes like ‘Eyes Open’ and ‘Somewhere Somehow Someway’ - where he split the crowd in two and had us joining in. Instant party. One of the very best.

Ty is known for his conscious lyrics and spelled that out - “You won’t ever hear an empty song from me”. Yet even when he’s getting nostalgic, or talking about poverty, depression, racism and more, the tunes radiate hope and joy.

‘Brixton Baby’ with it’s sun-soaked community portrait absolutely shone, while flourishes of vocoder from the keyboard player upped the funk levels on ‘Work of Heart’ which was a magnificent live workout.

Ty - pic Kitmonsters

Clearly relishing working with such incredible young musicians, including saxophone and trumpet players, Ty made plenty of time to praise his band, and was also playful with the songs, stopping mid-way to talk to the audience, or asking the band to play something more quickly. There was even a church-like moment when he asked us to say hello to the person next to us and tell them our name. Which proved very useful later.

Ty’s band - pic Kitmonsters

The set ended with a glorious jam “this is unique, it’s not on the album,” Ty declared. On the overground train home, new gig friends gathered, the introductions already done, to talk about the launch and the musicians’ next shows. ‘A Work Of Heart’ in action.

  • ‘A Work of Heart’ is out on Jazz re:freshed and available on digital or vinyl. Read more about Ty’s studio set up with Producer Drew Horley in our interview here, featuring footage of some unique vintage synths.

Ty - pic Kitmonsters