Review - PocketStrings

PocketStrings is a compact device that’s designed to let you practice anywhere. It’s aimed at guitar players at any level. It comes as a 4 fret version for chords, and a 6 fret for chords and scales. Singer/songwriter Avert Francis tried out the 4 fret model.

Avert Francis


The PocketStrings is a miniature portable fret board designed to help guitarists practice chord positions. The fact that it is almost completely silent means that any budding player can train their chord hand fingers on real strings, in any environment.

The actual device comes in a handy slide out case which when closed, protects the real wooden fret board and strings.


Well designed and comfortable to hold

As someone who has been playing the guitar for 15 odd years I found it very well designed and comfortable to hold, although the lack of any real weight or a guitar body was confusing at first!
It can be very difficult as a beginner in those early months getting the fingers to stay on the strings in the right position, and that’s where this device will help. Training in silence on the PS would improve dexterity and muscle memory without annoying the neighbours.

It isn’t perfect though…. As a beginner you need to be able to hear whether or not you are fouling the other open strings and if you are pressing on the desired strings with enough pressure. This can only be achieved on a real guitar with the strings tuned as you need to hear if the chord sounds correct.

A neat little invention

All in all it is a neat little invention if you are already aware of how the chord should sound but just need some practice training the chord hand to stay in place. I can see it being particularly useful on long train or car journeys when a real guitar is not an option, or if you live in a house where noise is an issue.

  • PocketStrings is available via the PocketStrings website or local distributors at $24.95 for the 4 fret and $29.95 for the 6 fret.