Music Production Show - with Producer Paul Rez

The Music Production Show at Emirates Stadium in London is a hot ticket - the global launch of Steinberg’s Cubase 7 is a huge draw, but there is plenty more on offer. We went along on the first day with Paul Rez - Producer, multi-instrumentalist, acclaimed ‘Analogue Witchcraft’ sample library creator and Vuvuvultures band member, to check out the latest kit. The event runs today - Saturday - too.


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First stop was a play with the MiniNova from Novation. The compact synth has the same engine as the UltraNova and an enhanced vocoder and realtime VocalTune. It’s proving popular with guitar bands who want some synth in their show, as well as with electronic artists, and was selling fast.

Paul was keen to see what’s new at Adam Audio - he has some of their studio monitors. Kevin Bent from the company told us about the new F series, an entry-level range aimed at DJs and semi-pro producers. They have the same ART tweeter technology as the rest of the range and a high pass filter, plus you can plug your iPod straight in.

Kevin Bent from Adam Audio

It was Cubase time! Paul’s a Cubase user and couldn’t wait to be shown round the new Cubase 7 by Andy Schrav, and was really impressed. Standout features include the VST connect performer that means you can record with someone over the net, with special buffering keeping things smooth. The chord assistant analyzes chords and makes suggestions, and the note-detection algorithm and real-time pitch-shifting and time-stretching are exciting developments, while the new mixer set hearts a-flutter. We’ll be bringing you a more in-depth look at it soon.

Andy Schrav and Paul Rez

There was a real buzz about the launch at the show and the Cubase seminar was rammed.

Funky Junk distributors had a selection of exciting mics and have just started selling the Copperphone as used by She Makes War. They’ve also got a selection of limited edition mics from Ear Trumpet Labs, including this condenser cardioid one with striking Steampunk styling.

Over at Yamaha, hot off the block was the new MX-49 synth that’s simple to use and based on the Motif synth with strong piano, strings and heritage sounds. Designed to be an ‘all-in-one’ system, it’s a MIDI interface too and comes bundled with a cutdown Cubase so it’s ready to go, along with templates for Logic, Sonar and Digital Performer.

We had a great chat with producer and DJ erb N dub at the Yamaha stand, and he gave a music production seminar that was standing room only. He wanted his pic taken with Yamaha’s Chris Irvine who was sporting a fine Movember moustache.

There was a selection of Arturia’s hardware on another stand, including the Analog MiniBrute synth, that is really sought after and in short supply. We had a play with it at NAMM earlier in the year and got some amazing sounds out of it.

Affinity Audio had a load of big ribbon mics - AEA’s recreations of the full round tones of the old RCA ribbon mics. The A440 combines a classic 44 microphone wit phantom power, for an ultra quiet ribbon mic.

A completely new line of studio monitors had its UK debut. Eve Audio is a Berlin-based company set up by the former CEO of Adam Audio. The range includes a 2-way active 4” monitor, and 3 and 4-way systems. The company says it has the most efficient bass ports in the market, positioned in the back for a tight bass response.

Over at Synthax Audio Paul loved trying out the Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387 a versatile condenser mic with three voices (Forward, Neutral and Gentle), three gain settings, and three Polar Patterns (Omni, Cardioid, and Figure-8). It has an air motion transformer for a clean open sound.

The swirling crowds kept the exhibitors busy, and as well as gear there were stands for the Music Producers Guild, music training, hearing protection and kit insurance. Paul’s verdict? A great show.