Gerard Rada Nedich - hears Liam Howe talk Logic Pro X

Gerard went to the Apple Store in Regent Street, London, for an event with Liam Howe:

“This was my first Apple Store event. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly impressed. If you are at all curious about an artist or product, in this case Logic Pro X and Liam Howe (Sneaker Pimps, Lana Del Ray, FKA Twigs etc) I’d definitely recommend attending an event.”



Logic Pro X in real world scenarios

It was really useful to get a glimpse of how someone is using Logic Pro X in real world scenarios, especially when this person has 20 years experience with the product as well as the album credits Liam Howe has.

The event started with an interview conducted by an Apple dude over from Cupertino which was actually really interesting as it touched on Liam’s start in music and recording career and how he approaches producing and songwriting from both a technical and artistic view.

Things were certainly different 20 years ago in regards to the tools we had available to us as musicians. It was really nice to see someone advocating for both breaking the rules, that is experiment and if it sounds right go for it, as well as educating oneself with the history and technical “rules” or methods that audio engineers with traditional backgrounds would wish us all to adhere to.

Apple Logic Pro X

Strip silence

Somewhere in-between is where you as an artist might find your place. Things that you could take away from the event were the creative uses of “strip silence” or that you can teach yourself so much by using the Logic Pro X settings (for effects and instruments) as a starting point to see how things like EQ and compression work and are applied which I think some of the students and artists who were getting into recording themselves will find useful.

Getting a chance to see Liam’s Logic Pro X project on the screen and hear why he treated each instrument the way he did was useful too. Ideas to experiment with on your own projects and launch further into Logic Pro X are always useful and fun, thanks Apple and Liam!